VetiGraph Lingerie Pattern Cutter & Product Developer

Position: Senior position. Hired for a 6-week project, but with potential for full-time employment afterwards.

Pay: 4,000 for project

Location: Hackney Wick, East London and/or remote working.

Start date: November 1, 2019

Project duration: 6 weeks

Lara Intimates is a start-up women’s underwear brand making every product from sustainably sourced textiles in our all-female lingerie factory in Hackney Wick. Lara also offers one of the widest bra size ranges in the world: 26A-36I. Lara Intimates exists to celebrate women from design to production and customer experience.

Lara Intimates has been in business for 2 years. The team is 6 women currently, and we are excited to grow much bigger in the coming year. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a small growing team and build a rewarding career with growth and longevity.

Job title: Pattern Cutter & Product Developer

We have an exciting opportunity for a specialist lingerie pattern cutter and product developer to join our team. At Lara, we offer a range of 3 wireless bra styles in 60 sizes. Our product is unique to other items on the market, and this has allowed us to grow a loyal and engaged audience of customers.

Every product sold is made in-house, in our Hackney Wick studio. Our brand team, factory team and product developer work in close proximity. This gives us a chance to incorporate feedback from customers and sewing machinists into everything we do. We also have an inclusive company culture, where everyone is encouraged to share ideas.

We are currently seeking an experienced lingerie pattern cutter to join our team as we transition from hand-made patterns to digital patterns using the Vetigraph system ( You will lead this project including working with Vetigraph software, amending patterns, fit testing, liaising with the factory team and ensuring every product and size fits a high standard. (We will provide software and computer, free Vetigraph software support, sample making, pattern printing and fit testers where needed.)

Benefits of Working at Lara Intimates

  • A happy, positive and productive company culture
  • 4 day / 36 hour workweek Monday-Thursday only. We have Fridays off 🙂
  • Growing team of awesome women
  • Small scale production where everyone has the responsibility and learns to support others
  • Grow with Lara Intimates. We’re only two years old and growing quickly.
  • Be part of our foundational team now and in the future

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensure a perfect fit across all sizes and consistency of fit across all products
  • Lead project transition from hand-made to digital patterns
  • Create a schedule for the project with milestones along the way
  • Communicate with our founder multiple times per week regarding progress
  • Complete the project within the given timeframe
  • Work with Vetigraph pattern cutting software
  • Liaise with Lara Factory team to show them the
  • Listen to feedback from customers, fit models and the factory team

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a positive attitude
  • Is a team player
  • Is a great listener and takes feedback and criticism well
  • Hard-working
  • Can work to tight deadlines
  • Diligent in finishing products to a high standard
  • 3+ years experience as a lingerie pattern cutter
  • Wants to become a long term employee at Lara Intimates
  • Is trained on Vetigraph pattern cutting and grading software (this is ideal but not necessary)