We offer a range of digital solutions to increase the efficiency in your cutting room and raise the productivity of your business. Our plotters, spreaders and automated cutting solutions are innovative, robust and designed to grow with your business..


GraphCut Cutters

Whether you are designing or manufacturing fashion products, furniture, upholstery or composite parts, we offer solutions that will help you to achieve the highest level of cutting quality, minimise fabric waste while boosting productivity.

The GraphCut MonoPly is ideal for for cutting single or low ply, offering the highest level of accuracy while the GraphCut MultiPly is a versatile multi-layer production cutter. Both systems are user friendly and accommodate a range of tools for a variety of cutting applications.

GraphCut from Vetigraph

More About GraphCut – Automated Spreading Solutions

Laying up speed also offers different options according to the types of fabric with a realistically achievable average speed of 70 metres per minute and a maximum speed of 100 metres per minute. Roll loading is made easy with an automatic basket system which will load rolls of up to 350 kg depending on your machine configuration.